How to save ?

We know that if we invest in mutual funds, stocks and Fixed deposits we can create real wealth in the long run. But the question always remains as to
how do we get money to save and invest ?

My Salary is X rupees and it’s not going to increase for a while. How do I save and invest more ?
The answer is in reducing your Expenses.

My mother always told me to wear my shirt, T-shirt, Jeans atleast twice. Always got annoyed. But when you think logically it’s one of the greatest hacks in cost saving. By wearing my clothes twice I save 100 percent of the second time cost in terms of the electricity used to run the washing machine and 100 percent of the costs for ironing the clothes. Also save on water usage.

We all just have to find more hacks to reduce our expenses and increase our surplus to save and invest.

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